Reaching the World With the HOPE and LOVE of Jesus Christ
Gary and Sarunya are witnessing the powerful work of the Holy Spirit as He changes and transformed lives. Many are being saved,
miraculously healed, delivered, and set free by the power of God.

Whether ministering to the lost, or to an assembly of believers, Gary and Sarunya are devoted to ministering the Word of God in the power
and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.
Sarunya, who goes by the simple name of
"Am", is a national Thai born in Northeast

Sarunya is a 1998 graduate of Bangkok
Assembly of God Bible Institute. She is also
a 2016 graduate of Rhema Bible Training
Center Thailand.

Sarunya has worked in full time ministry for
over 20 years. She has a personality that has
the ability, like a magnet, to draw people to
Jesus Christ.

Sarunya has served as a missionary in the
country of Denmark, she has also planted
and pastored three churches in Thailand.

Gary and Sarunya were married August 19, 2015 in
Nong Khai, Thailand.

Gary and Sarunya first met at a Prayer Seminar
being held by Rhema Bible Training Center Thailand
in Bangkok. How God brought them together is an
amazing story in and of its self.

Gary and Sarunya are currently residing in Bangkok,
Thailand where they are both on staff working with
Rhema Thailand.
Gary is a 1993 graduate of Rhema Bible
Training Center in Broken Arrow,

Gary, who by trade was an aircraft
mechanic, worked in the field of aviation for
over 30 years.

Gary served ten years in the Russian Far
East as a full time resident missionary
where he pastored and traveled extensively
preaching and teaching the Word of God.

In 2008 Gary joined Rhema Thailand where
he is currently serving as an instructor at,
and Dean of, Rhema Bible Training Center
in Bangkok Thailand.
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